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29 November 2017


01. Show Me Love (Skrillex Remix) – Wanderlust
02. Free – Treasurehunter
03. Sidal Wave – Sub Focus feat. Alpines
04. Light Years – Au Revoir Army
05. Close –Teenage Silver
06a Kiss It Better – W.I.L.D
06b. What If I Go –Charlie's Midnight Doctors
07. This Girl – Angelhead
08a .Home – Blue Panic
08b. Work (Lost Kings Remix) – Cold Light
09. Company – Legs Eleven
10. Curse – Capetown Revival
11a Coral –Delightful Humans
11b. Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Audiophilia
ALT04.Close (Instrumental) – Ethereal Cyber Rhythm

Hello and welcome to BODYBALANCE 76! We choreographed this release while on holiday... can you tell? It’s smooth and slow and accompanied by a lot of upbeat music – it’s really pretty lovely, even if we do say so ourselves! Highlights include a fast Vinyasa Sun Salutations track, guaranteed to get you very warm, a double Standing Strength hit – both so good that we couldn’t decide which one to use so gave you both – and possibly the hardest yet simplest Track 6 ever... you’ll love it – eventually :) Enjoy J&D

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