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26 October 2012

Cover Release (PPCA Free) Australia Only BODYBALANCE® 58


01. Feeling Good - The Slipping Blitz 
02. Little Star - Tumor Pearl 
03. Next To Me - Irony Cherry 
04. Somebody That I Used To Know - Mix - Native Science 
05. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Mix - Magic Micro 
06. Shake It Out - Mix - Speeding Slim 
07. Power - Mix - Lucky Beau 
08. Paradise - The Forest Power 
09. Your Song - Mix - The Chosen 
10. Contemplation - Tim Wheater 
11. Softly Falling - Kevin Kern 

Alternative 7 : The One That Got Away - Storm III
Montage 1 : Feeling Good - The Slipping Blitz 

Welcome to BODYBALANCE® 58 To be honest this is one of my favorite releases of all time. I have taken the choreography in a slightly different direction this time, to suit the different music. Don't worry it is very simple and enjoyable. It just combines normal BODYBALANCE® moves in New and unique ways.

As always everything comes from the music. And beginning with a mind/body version of Feeling Good in a clear indication of just how different and amazing the music is going to be. 

Now glance at track 4 and Somebody That I Liked to Know. This track can be described with only one word quirky. The feel is different from a regular track 4 and the choreography blows that. Try to go with the slightly uncomfortable almost ugly feel of the movements. Trust me it is enjoyable once you get it. 

Just what an amazing song. 

But track 5 is one of my favorites, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic is apply named. the track is beautiful and uplifting and just a little but magic;. Bring your class with you in the gorgeous flowing journey, I love it. 

And the 8/9 combination is like nothing else. Paradise Into Your Song will make you feel for anything life throws at you. 

Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous release with me. 

Lots of Love. 


Choreographed by: Dr Jackie Mills 

© 2012 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only)

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