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10 June 2012


01. Just Say It - Sleepthief feat. Kyoko Baertsoen
02. Happy - Faithless
03. Set Fire To The Rain - Valentine
04. Shelter - Mint Kid
05. F**kin' Perfect - The Lava Whisper
06. Whole Lotta Love - Jordan Myles
07. Say Hey (I Love You) (Mix) - Surrender
08. Fly (Mix) - Bust & Hook
09. Song To The Siren - Ironic T
10. Guardian - Hamish Lang

Alternative 6 : Survivor - Panda Render 

Montage 1 : Set Fire To The Rain - Valentine

Review coming soon!


BODYBALANCE ® 57 is a wave of calm to wash your stresses away. You will notice that the music is softer and more internal, and you can use this to your advantage to bring your class to an even deeper level of mind-body connection. The release features some truly amazing tracks Set Fire To The Rain and Whole Lotta Love bring a slightly rocky edge to an otherwise smooth track list. 

Choreography is simple and, once again, internal. Features include a powerful Sun Salutation, a gorgeous Balance sequence to Shelter, one of my new favorite songs, and undeniably fun core training that will work your abs and back to the extreme. I hope this release will become one of your favorites, as it is mine.

Enjoy! Jackie!

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