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11 March 2012

BODYBALANCE® 56 Sizzler - Tracklist

Tai Chi Warmup : Stop And Stare (Mix) - Fundmental Envy   
Sun Salutations : Euphoria (Firefly) - Parker & Surface Jave 
Standing Strength : Best Thing I Never Had - Breeze Xile 
Balance : Someone Like You - Audiogroove
Hip Openers : Run For It - Parker & Surface Jave
Core - Abdominals : Love Will Always Win - Opshop
Core - Back : This = Love - Nitro 500

Twists : Somewhere Only We Know (Mix) - The Sense
Forward Bends - Hamstrings : Running Up That Hill - Inevitable
Forward Bends - Hamstrings : Angel (Mix) - Blue Cloud   
Relaxation/Meditation : Acceptance - Paul Avgerinos  
Standing Strength : Search For The Hero - Pieper Dean

Welcome to BODYBALANCE® 56. This is truly an experience you will not forget. We have combined big, beautiful songs and simple choreogrpahy to create something magical. We begin with a Tai Chi Warmup that requires full body expression - you will find yourself truly immersed in the music as you follows Corey's expert coaching. 

Best thing I have ever had accompanies the immensely difficult Track 3 and there will be allot of learning for you to help your members get through. A key word is composure. 

Someone Like You sets the stage for a magnificent emotive Balance track. Diving forward just feels right here.

Dave leads you through a euphoric Track 5. He takes you to the edge of discomfort but always stays in the open space.

Two beautiful love songs occupy the core slots and it will take faith, love and a bit of grit to get trough, but it's worth it as the last three tracks are wonderful.

Somewhere Only We know leads into Running up that Hill, which flows into Angel - three very different sounds that give you a wonderful twist and stretch, and a journey through even more emotive musical pieces. Remember to connect with the primal heartbeat in Track 9 -let it guide, not over shadow you .

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