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11 March 2012


Tai Chi Warmup : Forever Lost  - Colour Of Love
Sun Salutations : Get Some  - The Influence
Standing Strength : The Last Dance  - A Remix - Radiator of Elegance
Balance : I'm No Angel  - Boot Mix - Suburban Shorn   
Hip Openers : Love, Love, Love  - Extinction Plus       
Core - Abdominals : Lost In The World  - Craz Mix - de la Roche   
Core - Back : Science & Faith  - Apex       
Twists : Secrets  - Co Remix - Fundamental Envy   
Forward Bends - Hamstrings : Still Here  - Pistolet
Forward Bends - Hamstrings : Scarlet  - Creek Echo
Relaxation : Deep Rest  - Richard Maddux   
Meditation : Pure Light  - Richard Maddux


Welcome to BODYBALANCE® 55; we’re delighted you could join us for this release. Smooth is the name of the game in Track 1, as you focus on warming through the upper body with graceful, encompassing movements. Track 2 sees you complete Sun Salutations to a funky, beat-driven song which helps wake up and energize your whole body. There’s a dramatic turn ahead in Track 4, where the drama of the song I’m No Angel is matched by the choreography of the poses. Let your body fill with Love, Love, Love in Track 5 as you enjoy the sheer beauty of the song you are exercising to. Allow your body and mind to be overwhelmed with the feeling of happiness that this special song generates. Tracks 6 and 7 offer a complete core workout which really pack a punch. The combinations of moves in these two tracks are so effective, they have the power to change your functional strength in a positive way. Track 8 is your final opportunity for one last challenging pose, the Standing Balance Twist. There are modification options available to modify this move if you wish to gradually build into this demanding pose. Surrender to the beautiful song Scarlet, written by Kiwi singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser, in Track 9a, allowing it to take you to a place of absolute stillness. Before you know it, it’s time for the class to dissolve away into the relaxation and meditation phase, guiding you to a place of calm before re-entering the world again, filled with Pure Light.

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