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The tracklists and information on this site are for the PPCA Free versions of Bodybalance by Les Mills International.
The site is only starting and showcasing the artists who contribute to the PPCA Free Version of Bodybalance by Les Mills International

03 September 2011


Let your ‘me’ time begin as you follow a warm-up featuring a different balance of flowing and more energetic moves. Enjoy the abundant and flowing Tai Chi movements as they encourage you to connect breath, body and mind.

Following on is the Sun Salutations track which is set to the 2011 remake of Frozen. It features a new Yoga transition where you step or jump in and out of the Forward Fold.

Track 4 is a highlight track that sees a pose evolved in three different ways, advancing and developing each time it changes, encouraging you to sink deeper into it and your practice.

Next, it’s time for the Hip Openers track, set to Every Time It Rains. Just like the rain, this track is full of movements with a beautiful, mesmerising feel to them. 

Now it’s time to channel attention on your core. Enjoy the sounds of Rolling In The Deep while your body transitions through a composition of moves that combine to make the ultimate complete core workout. 

Take pleasure listening to the heart-rendering remake of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face in Track 9. Let your mind lift up into the music as you enjoy a series of Forward Bends that loosen your hamstrings and energise your body.

Then it’s time to enter the stillness of the Meditation track and, eventually, bring your awareness back into the room and re-enter the world. 

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