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The tracklists and information on this site are for the PPCA Free versions of Bodybalance by Les Mills International.
The site is only starting and showcasing the artists who contribute to the PPCA Free Version of Bodybalance by Les Mills International

02 October 2011

01 October 2011


This is Bodybalance 54 PPCA Free, the workshop was on about 4 weeks ago, had allot of work related issues going on, so I was not able to do a review until now. 

To begin with, the presenter at the workshop, sold this release. It is one of the best workshops I have gone to, as they are now back at the club level. Which, males them more personal. I wasn't to sure how to take them back at the clubs, however I was more than pleased.

Tracklist below:


01. Haunted - Poe 

02. Frozen - Brian Swadel
03. Just The Way You Are - Claudia Castagna
04. Blind Faith - Life James Orchestra
05. Every Time It Rains - Jane Fair
06. Rolling In The Deep - Colorbox
07. Choose You - Minka Fererra
08. Hold My Hand - Emerald Green
09. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Lewis Strong
10. Peace - Stanton Lanier
11. Life and Death - Deeper Connexions 

Haunted begins this release, bringing the swing and wrap, followed by flowing tai chi movements, a great start to the class, the moves are simple and effective to follow. I got completely lost in this track, not lost lost I was immersed within the movements of this wonderful track by Poe. Love the tai chi parts of this track. There are two new moves in this track. 

Poe,  leads onto track 2 a cover version of Madonnas massive hit, this song has appeared in two other releases. Overall this one and the one in Bodybalance 20 are exceptional, we have one new move, that I have never seen in Bodybalance, love the flow and energy of this track. The transitions of movement in this release are well connected, and there is a flow that meets the other two versions of this track. Learning three versions of Frozen is confusing, remembering what the originals and then this one. Overall this is a highlight of this release. Awesome to say the least, and as said a wonderful flow. 

Just the way you are comes directly after Frozen. What can you say the focus of the track is standing strength, and it delivers. There are no new moves in this track. The standout part of this track would be to me warrior one poses, and the movements and transitions. 

Blind Faith is to me the biggest track of the release. The new pose wow,  and would be one of the longest track 4's ever, you go deeper and deeper with the moves in this track. You work one leg for most of the sequence, by the end you are concentrating on trying to stay balanced. it is to me on of the best track 4's ever.

Every time it rains is another highlight form this release, the lotus poses really open up the mid section, and extends my lower back, I felt this, then the pigeon pose comes back, and the way they structure it, I felt it in the quads. An excellent track :) to me.

Core abdominal work comes to this release with Rolling in Deep, wow is the word also for this track, the Pilates part of the workout ouch to say a word. Overall an awesome ab workout, and a long abs track as well. 

Choose you come is the track selected for core back,  this release has lots work where you are  working the lover back, the bow pose, and the upper locus pose felt uncomfortable to me, besides this overall a great back track.

Hold my hand is another highlight track for me, takes me back to the earlier releases, this is the signature track form this release. Love the spinal twists in this track, and the supine work in this track. The flow of the track is what makes it the signature track on this release.

The last track is The First Time, a remake of the classic track by Roberta Flack from Play Misty for Me. The return of pyramid pose, and the sequence from track 1. To me a standout track, and a remake sung by a male singer. There are only a few movements in this track, they blend and melt into each other. Overall a wonderful way to close off the main part of the class.

Peace and Life and Death end the release, there is some real life connections in Peace, you are confronted by what the writer of the music has experienced in real life. My heart feels so sad and trapped in listening to this track, I feel really sad. The track is flowed by Life and Death, there is a connection between these tracks, leaving me to feel a deep sense of sadness and loss, and hope for life and everything we take for granted. 

This is an awesome release, taking me in a journey from Haunted to Peace, and Life and Death. A life journey, that I won't forget.

Truly a remarkable release, Bodybalance 54 is to me a courageous release, challenging and emotionally connected. 

Life begins, the journey on the road of life ongoing.

03 September 2011


Let your ‘me’ time begin as you follow a warm-up featuring a different balance of flowing and more energetic moves. Enjoy the abundant and flowing Tai Chi movements as they encourage you to connect breath, body and mind.

Following on is the Sun Salutations track which is set to the 2011 remake of Frozen. It features a new Yoga transition where you step or jump in and out of the Forward Fold.

Track 4 is a highlight track that sees a pose evolved in three different ways, advancing and developing each time it changes, encouraging you to sink deeper into it and your practice.

Next, it’s time for the Hip Openers track, set to Every Time It Rains. Just like the rain, this track is full of movements with a beautiful, mesmerising feel to them. 

Now it’s time to channel attention on your core. Enjoy the sounds of Rolling In The Deep while your body transitions through a composition of moves that combine to make the ultimate complete core workout. 

Take pleasure listening to the heart-rendering remake of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face in Track 9. Let your mind lift up into the music as you enjoy a series of Forward Bends that loosen your hamstrings and energise your body.

Then it’s time to enter the stillness of the Meditation track and, eventually, bring your awareness back into the room and re-enter the world. 

Bodybalance 54 Quartley Workshop

About a week ago we had our 1/4 workshop for this release, with the workshops going back to the clubs. We had an awesome presenter on stage presenting this release. I will try to find out details this week. She sold the release up front. How she presented the release, was flawless and so inspirational.

This is one cool release from track 1 - 11.

Haunted by Poe lead us into the release, we then moved to Frozen, a wonderful remake of the Madonna track that was featured last in Bodybalance 20, it is nothing like the one we had in that release. Overall, this is going to be a wonderful Spring 2011 for Bodybalance.

A full review is coming this week.

PPCA Free Tracklists 1/4 three 2011

I know I have been slack placing the tracklists on this site, the reason is that i have now 20 pages to update with the Non PPCA and the PPCA Free releases. 

Today, I uploaded the PPCA Free tracklists for:


The link location is at: 

PPCA Free Link Quarter 3 2011

04 June 2011

PPCA Free Tracklist Site Update

Tracklists updates are here for the PPCA Free Versions of Les Mills Internationals Exercise Programmes:


Slack Me!

Sorry, have not been posting on any of the sites since March, my day job took pretty much over my whole life for the past 3 months. I am a training complaince officer, and that is my day job, I have been working in my day job pretty much 7 days a week for the last 3 months.

We survived the audit :)

Lots of stress, but I got there at the end :)

03 June 2011


BODYBALANCE® 53 is an internal journey and a big workout with limitless possibilities, reflected in a Tai Chi Warm-up track to Redemption Song, a song of freedom that fills you with energy and takes you into the seamless flow and extension of Sun Salutations. Standing Strength offers perhaps the most challenging track of this release and will have your legs burning by the end. Just focus on your breathing, choose to push calmly through the pain and redirect that energy through your finger tips... it’s an Amazing sensation! While My Guitar Gently Weeps is a gorgeous song for a beautiful languid Balance track that encourages you to gain in confidence, knowing that strong legs and steady eyes will get you through. By then, you will have earned your Hip Stretches, so let your tension dissolve away ... This is the calm before the storm. That tempest arrives in the form of back-to-back Core tracks - the first works the abs and features the Iron Cross, just like a gymnast on the rings. Then, on your tummy, imagine you’re a plane ... and then parachuting from one as you strengthen the butt, back and hamstrings. But Stay with us ... Standing Twists invite you to feel the freedom again and let your light shine. You’re on the home stretch now and soon you’ll have a chance to quieten your mind, body and breath ... to feel your life force once again as you collect your mat and head back into the world.

© 2011 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only)

14 March 2011


If you can remember back to BODYBALANCE®18. An epic release, track 2 was Daylight by Delirium. In BODYBALANCE® we have a remake of this track by Morgan Sumeria. Release 18 was an awesome release and I looked at the PPCA releases and they have the original of this track. We have the PPCA Free version. I put the CD on not knowing the music this time. I can say that this version of the classic track from 18 is awesome. Love the cover version of this track. The choreography is so very different than that we had in release 18. 

So far this release looks massive, a great release :) love the music, the choreography and the new and exciting artists we have in the PPCA Free version of this epic release. 

Full review coming soon!

12 March 2011


As everyone knows I am a PPCA Free Zone now with the releases. It is a strange place to be in. I see the tracklist for the releases. Then I search the Internet for the video freed of the artist singing the track on Youtube. Then wait in anticipation for the release to hear the PPCA version of the release. Today was the 1/2 for this release I left before the workshop's session for this release. I put the CD on and listened to it on the way home. It did not connect the first time I heard the release. Then I put the release on again a few hours later. I loved it. 

Stand out tracks are 1,2,4,5,8 and 9 in this release. When playing the release I went to track 2 Daylight the track is by Delerium in our release it is a cover. The only original tracks are 3 and 11.

There is a pose called Lola in track 6 wow, going to be hard to do that one. Have to practice and practice that move. 

Will listen to the release and post a mini review by Monday this week. This is now our 6th PPCA Free release. I am getting used to the cover versions now. I guess that's what makes the releases different now. 

07 February 2011


Invite your class to take some time out of their busy days and find a tranquil place in BODYBALANCE® 52. Your Tai Chi Warmup is more energetic and powerful than usual. Taking you into a new sequence of moves sees you paying homage to the Daylight in Sun Salutations, before joyfully opening up your heart to Give Love through Standing Strength. You’ll need to trust yourself during an intense Balance routine. Feel the elegance and extravagance... if your legs are shaking, they’re doing a great job! Pretty soon, you’re heading into an abs track billed as the most challenging in the history of the program, which is saying something, starting with a Pilates Roll Up for mobility and core strength. If that isn’t enough, you’ll soon make the acquaintance of Lola, a move that will severely test your pelvic strength and stability... and have you celebrating with joy when you finally nail it! If you’re happy, why not tell your face. Stretch out those tummy muscles by switching attention to your back, then release with some liberating Twists. Forward Bends start slowly in Gorilla Pose, but build dramatically to an enormous climax and finish beautifully with the Arm Circles you first tried in the Warmup. As the workout winds down, you can take this opportunity to be at your most expressive. But before returning to your real lives, make sure to thank your bodies for allowing you to relax a while and make a promise to yourself to return this way soon.

© 2011 Les Mills International (EducatSional Usage Only)

02 January 2011

THE BEST OF 2011 - WELL MY BEST 10 OF 2010

Here is my favorite tracks from last year in Bodybalance, it has been a remarkable year with the begining of the year PPCA and by mid year PPCA Free.

01. Breathe - Slater - TenStar Remix BB 51
02. Gorecki - Unit Three feat. Jon Zee BB 51
04. To Love Again - I'mage BB 50
05. Empire State of Mind - Part II - BodyTronixx - Piano Mix BB 51
06. Sweet & Amazing - Maximum BB 50
07. I Run To You - Color Of Love BB 51
08. Happy - Tori Sanza BB 49
09. White Flag - Pistolet BB 49
10. Lovesong From The Mountains - Ocacia BB 51
11. Awaken The Dawn - Milan Shavoz BB 51

I adore release 51 from last year. Simply magic in every way.

The best is yet to come in 2011.