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The tracklists and information on this site are for the PPCA Free versions of Bodybalance by Les Mills International.
The site is only starting and showcasing the artists who contribute to the PPCA Free Version of Bodybalance by Les Mills International

29 December 2010


Coming in a few days from now. The review is based on the PPCA Free version of the release, as this is the only version I can review. If someone can review the original please let me know and I will publish the review here.

All I can say is the Bodybalance 51 PPCA Free is an awesome release. The 50's series of Bodybalance is awesome to say the least.



01.    Breathe - Slater - TenStar Remix
02.    Gorecki - Unit Three feat. Jon Zee   
03.    I Got You - Global Nation
04.    I'm Yours - Amanda M.
05.    Empire State of Mind - Part II - BodyTronixx - Piano Mix
06.    Pocketful Of Sunshine - Pistolet
07.    I Run To You - Color Of Love
08.    Sign Of A Victory - Sandy Lewis
09.    The Only Exception - Ozaki Blue
10.    Lovesong From The Mountains - Ocacia
11.    Awaken The Dawn - Milan Shavoz


It is a beautiful release. Like a walk in the park on a summers day. It is like a nice drive in the country, music on, top down sun at the head.

I heard the version you have and it sounds and is different from ours. I hate to say this, my perception of this release is from what we have down under.

Breathe awesome vocally enhancing, brings me into the class.
Gorecki drifts so wonderfully into track 1, a bit of confusion, I know the chore from the previous time this was released. Loved that version.
I Got You drifts so well from tracks 1, 2 smooth transition awesome music, breathless.
I'm Yours playful track love the music awesome summer feel in the track heaps of fun and lightness in the music,
Empire State Of Mind (Part II) is sung by Bodytonix a male singer fronts the track awesome love the track a very romantic moment in a release. The guy singing the track is unreal awesome vocals.
Pistollet is back with Pocket Full of Sunshine awesome soul feeling to the track a great sing along track, love it.
I Run to You Color of Love is awesome love the original version of this track. Listened to your version of the track not as good as the version from Color of Love. Heaps of fun and flutter kicks a real fun track. To me one of the highlights of the release. One of my favorite track 7's besides Fatboy Slim from release 27. Nice country feel love it.
Sign of Victory Sandy Lewis awesome track music is brilliant, a uplifting track.
The class ends with The Only Exception by Osaki Blue, love the way the last 4 tracks flow into each other,
Lovesong From The Mountains wow what a wonderful piece of music who could not love the music from this track?
Awaken The Dawn ends the class bringing to an end an outstanding class. I adore this peace of music, it breaks my heart every time I hear it. Reflective and soul searching.

It is a wonderful tapestry of music intertwined in a wonderful release.

I adore this release as it is a wonder summer release. Loved being taught by Dr Dave the class and the wonderful Kylie Gates.

It it just a wonderful release, love the PPCA Free version of this release.

Awesome and mind blowing.

27 December 2010

10 Years

It has been 10 years since the release of the tracklists. I released all my tracklists December 2001. Up till then they were on my computer and that is where they stayed. Mid October 2001 I decided to launch my tracklists on the old domain I used to post to. 

Thanking everyone for their support and looking forward to the next 10 years.