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12 November 2010


Les Mills International

Beautiful smooth,fluid movements are the signature of this 51st release form BODYBALANCE®. The transition between moves is almost a important as the poses themselves - you're working but it should all feel very relaxed.

The Tai Chi Warm-Up in Track 1 gets things flowing with the aptly-named song Breathe leading you through some lovely big circling sweeps of the arms and body to warm you up slowly.

We move into Yoga with Gorecki and the songs slow build provides the perfect backdrop for Sun Salutations immerse yourself into your breath as you rise with the swell of the song though each inhalation and exhalation.

Enjoy a change of scenery with the cute love song I'm Yours in the Balance Track. Be prepared for a few wobbles in this one when you first start out. The travel to New York where Empire State of Mind urges you on through those slow deepening lunges.

Track 6 and 7 provide some contrast to the drama of the songs around them and will really give you core abdominals and back a great workout Then celebrate with Twists in Track 8, set to the 2010 FIFA World Cup theme song - Sign Of A Victory. No vuvuzelas here please.

Hamstrings time and we welcome back the Dolphin Pose, which provides a deep big stretch for your shoulders and legs as you push your body back. Then lie back and indulge in some well earned Relaxation and Meditation.

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