Why this site exists?

The tracklists and information on this site are for the PPCA Free versions of Bodybalance by Les Mills International.
The site is only starting and showcasing the artists who contribute to the PPCA Free Version of Bodybalance by Les Mills International

23 October 2010

BODYBALANCE® 51 Coming Soon!

Early  November  Bodybalance PPCA Free coming your way.

20 October 2010


Some of the tracks are already out around the world. I love the remixed track for Australia.

I Will Find You - Great cover version awesome vocals it is now the third I will Find You version in Bodybalance. Great remix of this track;
Apparition - Great remix of the original by Delirium;
Magnificent - You have this track it is the same as the original;
Shine - Great remix and love the musical re-work of the track adds to the movement within the track;
The Way You Want to Be - Love the new mix, compared it to the original track love what they have done with the music in this track;
Crazy - You have the same as this track;
Broken Stings - Love the rework of the track and love the way it comes across not a bad vocal and love the way it is delivered;
Little Wonders - You have love it
Glory Road - You have it
Silent Wave - love the remix and recover.

I would have to say this is an awesome class; love it 100% javascript:void(0);

A real 10/10 release and loved the whole class.

Great work LMAP and Les Mills International. This release is now one of my favorite releases ever. It is an awesome release from track 1 to track 10  I love the remixes and the whole feel and vibe of the class. This release is so cool.

18 October 2010


Just listened for the first time, the best of Bodybalance PPCA Free CD. In just a few words, very cool. I love the way that they have still remained true to the essence of the tracks recovered for Australian Instructors. A full review is coming this week-end.

14 October 2010


This release marks the 50th release of Bodybalance/Flow/Healing. As everyone knows we have the PPCA Free version of Bodybalance here. The review is based on this release.

Well were do I start a massive release. This is the kickoff of the 50's series of Bodybalance. At the workshop I came in late and did not to do the preview section, where they went through the new moves. So, I was fresh and had no idea of the moves or the chore for the release. 

Track One - Soldier of Love, a very cool and funky start to the class, the return of the swing and wrap from previous releases. It is not hard to learn, love the flowing blocks in this track. The breath forward sequence is breathtaking, I have the original "Sade" CD with this track on. Ours feels more soulful and was a wonderful intro to this class.

Track Two - Won't Give Up, a classic sun salutation sequence. It is a long sun salutation sequence this time. Reminds me in bits of earlier sun salutations. The moves in this track are very fluid and seamless. The sequences encourage, more rythmic breathing and sinking into the poses. There is nothing new in this one, it still feels new and fresh.

Track three - Breakeven, WOW in one word. Harder than you may think. My hips (well if I had them) felt this track. Love the Extended Warriors and the new Lateral Move. For a track about 6 minutes in total it left an lasting impact on me. Love the music and love the cover artist version of this track.

Track four - I See You, is one of the hardest track four's in a long time. The transition in the poses requires great concentration. By the end of the track I was dripping water all over the place. Love the return of the star pose. Overall a wonderful sequence of poses. Just love the flow of this track. 

Track five - Wanted - Ujjay Breathing come to this release. There is allot of softness in this track. The breathing cycles stand out for me in this release. Kind of reminds me of Kiss Me from a few releases back. Both are short tracks and leave a memorable mark. The end in star sequence, is breathless.

Track six - Sweet and Amazing, comes to Bodybalance part of the track remind me of track 6 Ain't Nobody - Kelly Price from Bodybalance 23. There is the same sequence in this track. My abs were screaming by the end of this track. 

Track seven - Hey Soul Sister, it is a massive back track a short track with allot of sting in it. Parts of Music Matters - Faithless feat Cass Fox from Bodybalance 38 in parts. A  funky track lots of loctus poses and leg work. It is exactly what I love about this track and outstanding.

Track eight - Please Don't Stop the Rain - nothing new here lots of familiar yoga poses. In saying this I don't this distracts from the track and it's objectives. Love the intense poses, and the ending set of poses. 

Track nine (a) - Vanilla Twilight, to me this is the highlight of this release along with track nine (b) we don't get to often a standing track 9 this is very  welcome, love the triangle poses. This track and the poses are breathtaking.

Track nine (b) - Here I Confess, as with the above is the highlight of this release. Love the new pose in this track. I thought when doing it originally how in the world am I going to do this? Well it is broken down into a set of wonderfully strung together poses. The track is simply outstanding the poses, what more can I say. I love this track.

Track ten - A Hundred Thousand Angles - What a wonderful ending to the class. Reminds me of the early days of Bodybalance, say from releases 8 - 10 meditation and relaxation. 

Track - Tally's Lullaby bring out the release and connects to the start of the release. Love this track and reminds me of the journey from track 1 to now.

Overall, an out standing release. Loved every moment of this release. The best is yet to come in the 50's series of Bodybalance. If this is the gauge of what is to come bring on Bodybalance release 51. 

The PPCA Free version is an awesome release.