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26 September 2010


This release comes to you from the heart. You will feel light and uplifted as you journey through song after song filled with beautiful lyrics.

Conjure One's Extraordinary Ways sets the mood in the Tai Chi Warmup.

Feel the energy of this wonderful music during the Arm Swings and Archer movements before coming into calmness for the Arm Circles.

The fun continues in Track 3's Live Like We're Dying. Lose yourself in the feeling as you work through these Standing Strength moves and work on bringing life and vitality to every pose. Play with chart-topping Fireflies in Track 5 and look out for two fun new moves. This song was the most downloaded song on iTunes in the USA when it was released. Work confidently and Just Say Yes to the emotion of Track 7 and move towards the optional Back Bend.

We finish with a chilled-out remake of White Flag and a Pyramid Pose. Surrender and enjoy.

Release Date: May 2010!

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