Why this site exists?

The tracklists and information on this site are for the PPCA Free versions of Bodybalance by Les Mills International.
The site is only starting and showcasing the artists who contribute to the PPCA Free Version of Bodybalance by Les Mills International

26 September 2010

BODYBALANCE® 49 PPCA Free Tracklists

01. Extraordinary Ways - Color of Love
02. Send me an Angel - Black and White
03. Live Like We're Dying - Wildside
04. To Love Again - I'mage
05. Fireflies - Original Fire
06. Doesn't Mean Anything - Sonia Harrow
07. Just Say Yes - The Cranials
08. Happy - Tori Sanza
09. White Flag - Pistolet
10. Gift of Life - Michael Brenner

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